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Drawings by Frans Van Kuyck

January 2011 - ongoing

a picture of Frans van Kuyck

Frans van Kuyck

The work on the project on public tenders at the Antwerp Felixarchief cannot be divided amongst many volunteers. Therefore, when all the volunteers are present, there is a lot of waiting, because the different steps in the work do not take the same time.

When we mentioned this to Werner Pottier, the consultant in charge of these projects at the Felixarchief, he immediately came up with another very pleasant and interesting project on which two volunteers can work separately.

The City archives had received the archives of Frans Van Kuyck in three parts: September 1976, December 1977 and April 1984.

Van Kuyck (1852 -1915) was a painter and graphic artist but also an Antwerp alderman. As a politician he was responsible for culture “avant la lettre”.

So far the separate drawings and prints of that collection have not received inventory numbers and thus the collection is undisclosed and not accessible for the public.

When we looked at a few of the early works, we were impressed by the quality of the work. 

Photos: This page shows some of the drawings from van Kuyck's early years.