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Archiving Old Postcards

October 2006 - February 2007

ADFAS volunteers started work in October 2006 on their 15th project. On October 5th they received a guided tour of the Volkskunde Museum by Werner Van Hoof, the curator, and he explained what the new job would be. 

Right: Werner Van Hoof
with 2 of his co-workers
and 2 ADFAS volunteers.

Introduction at the Volkskunde Museum

Werner Van Hoof asked the volunteers to put old postcards, (some quite interesting ones) into special plastic envelopes and classify them in numeric order.

Right: Volunteers at work.

sorting the postcards
The subjects are grouped by municipalities, by countries and by fantasy subjects.

Pictures that still have to be packed and sorted.

Old postcards before sorting
The beach at Yarmouth, one of the postcards from the UK.


The beach at Yarmouth before the first World War.
An old photograph that has been packed and sorted by the volunteers. An old postcard of the Hessenhuis