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Conserving Plans and Maps

November 2010 - ongoing

When the former project was coming close to its end, Werner Pottier asked the volunteers whether they would like to start on a new project at the city archives. As the volunteers feel so integrated in the team of the Felixarchives they accepted immediately. (They have previously participated in a visit to the Brugge City archives,  and were invited to the New Years dinner amongst other things.)

Today the files of all public works in the City are kept in big dossiers, with the architectural maps, blueprints and designs all folded up into A4 formats. This is not very good for conservation.


How the documents had previously been stored.

With computers it is now possible to link all maps, plans and other documents pertaining to a tender by number.

The file registers will be dismantled and the maps, plans and blueprints will be packed separately in a conservation friendly way. It is an enormous project that will take us several years to complete.

The work is very similar to that of the iconographic collection. We have to measure the maps and plans, add a prefix to the existing inventory numbers, check the description and pack these architectural documents (per 10) in acid free folders.
(A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 formats)

 So far we have seen all the architectural plans of the former Nederlandse Schouwburg, which used to be opposite the Roosevelt Plaats. It was demolished to make way for a car park.

We've also seen plans of city's school buildings with designs of the facades, details of the school benches, blackboards, cupboards, etc.

There were some beautiful designs of street pole lanterns, maps of new streets and maps of re-arrangements of streets.

Above: Plans for school desks.

Right: Plans for the school blackboards.

Plan of school gym Plans for the stairs on the Zuide Quai

Left: Plans for a school gym.

Above: Plans for the stairs on the south promenade of the Schelde.

Right: Well prepared, with all the necessary examples, Werner Pottier explained the content of our new project.
Right: The volunteers listen carefully to Werner.


Below left: Some of the volunteers.

Below right: working on the plans