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Archiving Old Pictures on Glass

March 2007 - December 2007

Volunteers at work

The volunteers started their 16th project in March 2007, again in the Volkskunde Museum under the guidance of the curator, Werner Van Hoof. 

Volunteers at work

Entering the inventory numbers

They were asked to put pictures painted on glass into acid free boxes, check, complete and digitalize the inventory of these pictures. The pictures had already been cleaned by students in previous years.

Numbering the pictures

Above and left: Writing in the inventory numbers.

packing the pictures

The pictures all came in series out of old boxes (5 to 15 pictures in a box) and they covered a very large spectrum of subjects like well known fairytales, legends, little stories, jokes, 
old games, shadows, clowns, colonial stories, fossils, primitive populations, old production systems, like distilleries, wool industries, leather shops etc. Some were very funny others extremely interesting.

Volunteers at work
Packing and checking the pictures

Above and right: Checking the inventory numbers.

Checking the pictures
The volunteers received guided tours through the last two exhibitions by the curator. The museum was commemorating its 100 years of existence in 2007 but on 18th August 2007 it closed to the public in order to organize the move to the new MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) which is currently been built. 

Everything in the museum had now to be packed, but before that, all the inventories had to be checked and completed. By December 2007 more than 4,000 pictures on glass were numbered and packed.

Volunteers at work